What our customers say...

Here is what just a few of Fathom's customers say about us and our market leading system, Caseflow.

These comments come from a wide variety of Caseflow users and range from oldest to newest user; from early arrears to litigation (by solicitors in private practice); from simple demands for money through to return of goods and mortgage repossession actions; from contingent work to debt purchase, in any language or any currency.

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"We have been delighted with Fathom's technology, as it has given us the support we needed to develop one of the credit industry's most robust consumer debt collection operations. Their Caseflow system is extrememly flexible, and has given us the freedom to develop a series of innovative workflow processes.

Caseflow's scalability has been essential to us in our bid to challenge the traditional players in the credit industry for supremacy. Our workflow platform currently manages nearly 3 million live cases, and Caseflow will allow us to more than double this in the next few years."

Bryan Mouat, Group Operations Director of BCW Group Plc

"We were the first organisation to sign up for Caseflow way back in 1993 and, as a firm of lawyers already used to market leading litigation systems, it was important for us to find a system which was equally good for litigation.

There was nothing to beat Caseflow in the early nineties, and there is still nothing to beat it 12 years on. Caseflow delivers many business and operational benefits, but our clients tend to like some of the simpler aspects of our service such as knowing exactly where they are with each element of the outstanding balance.

Superb facilities in a number of areas contribute to Caseflow's success - client charging structure, debtor remittance, billing options and management reporting to name a few.

Would I buy it again tomorrow? The answer is yes. There is still nothing like Caseflow on the market."

Guy Brooks, Partner, Geoffrey Leaver

"Caseflow works extremely well for us. We have worked with Fathom to develop our systems over a period of more than 5 years and, given our unique requirements, I have to say that Fathom has kept pace with us and has been a key factor in the development of our business. One of the main benefits of the software is that it enables you to be self-reliant. We have a high degree of control and freedom to quickly amend and implement changes to our business with recourse to programming. For us, Caseflow is a leading-edge collections system. Today as the market is aware, Thames Credit is a substantial organisation and is a business which will continue to grow. I have no reservations moving forward with Caseflow, as there are no limitations as to either the number of collection agents or the number of accounts which can be handled by the system."

Philip Lunn, Managing Director, Thames Credit Limited

Thames Credit is part of the Aktiv Kapital group of companies, aleading provider of credit administrative services with over 780 employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain.

"The introduction of Fathom's Caseflow collections system has enabled us to process large numbers of debts swiftly and efficiently, resulting in a high return for our clients. I have no doubt at all that Caseflow paid for itself within the first quarter.

We have tripled our throughput - without taking on a single extra member of staff. With the old system, we would need to have doubled our staff, which was just not financially viable."

Chris North, Managing Director, Connaught Collections UK Limited

"RMA had market leading systems already in place on a global scale, so we naturally considered adapting those systems for our European operations. We also conducted a thorough survey of UK collection agencies and their suppliers.

No matter what the criteria, time and time again it was evident that Fathom could deliver the system we were looking for.

It is a huge endorsement for Fathom to have won and successfully implemented this business."

Nick Ford, Vice President, Risk Management Alternatives Limited

RMA is one of the largest Receivables Management organisations in the world operating in 25 languages across 80 countries.

"During this year, which has seen an increase in business of over 20%, we continued to invest heavily in technology and introduced Fathom's market leading collection system for DCA's. In conjunction with our AMCAT dialler, Fathom's Caseflow system has dramatically increased our workload capacity, and is already delivering significant operational and business benefits.

Caseflow has proved to be ten times quicker than our former system in loading new business, has four times more information on the collector screen, and is five times easier to produce management information from."

Steve Rowlands, Managing Director, Vilcol