CaseflowFusion® is a flexible and feature rich software system which streamlines case management. The system has tools to allow automation of all aspects of account management and collection. This allows our customers to increase the scale and efficiency of their business. The software will handle the entire life cycle of an account, managing it from the credit control stage to arrears, collection, and right through to litigation and enforcement. In an industry where compliance is increasingly important, it is a reassuring solution which enables agents to work sensitively and efficiently maintaining a comprehensive record of their actions.

  • Intelligent electronic data input (Import Gateway)
  • Our Import Gateway facility is user definable, allowing custom templates and fast import of accounts. Accounts can be created with a minimum of information and updated later, with support for manual input and account migration from previous environments.

  • Procedural account management
  • User-defined procedures determine how CaseflowFusion® manages accounts. Account events and actions trigger intervention in either automatic or semi-automatic modes.

  • Account pooling and organisation
  • Our software can manage groups of accounts in work pools, enabling multiple agents to work on the same pool or match agent skills to specific accounts.

  • Automated processes which create efficiency
  • CaseflowFusion® takes care of routine, pre-defined tasks so agents can work more effectively. Letters, emails and documents can be automatically created from custom templates.

  • Payment and instalment monitoring
  • The software allows flexible creation and management of instalment plans, including automatic payment reminders. CaseflowFusion®’s detailed instalment management in turn enables accurate forecasting of cash flow and plan amortisation.

  • Integrates with other leading products and services
  • CaseflowFusion® is a flexible system which can interface with electronic payment facilities, call centre and dialler technology, debtor trace facilities, credit reference agencies, and much more.

  • Business intelligence and management tools
  • Analysis tools allow measurement of productivity, from traditional reports to breakdown analyses of efficiency and cost.

  • Multi-lingual/multi-currency support
  • Our system has the most advanced multi-lingual/multi-currency features in the market, enabling pan-European operations with one system for all collector nationalities.